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Probate Administration

Will Contest Attorneys in Lawton, OK Helping to Make Sure Your Assets Are Properly Distributed

Probate Administration: Experienced Lawton, OK wills and trusts attorney

Probate administration is a complex area. The property an individual leaves behind when he passes away is known as his estate. The process of collection and distribution of the assets of a deceased person in accordance with directives in a will or otherwise is referred to as probate administration, a court-supervised process.

There are some assets that a deceased person may leave that aren’t included in the probate estate and are distributed separately, such as the proceeds of a life insurance policy. If the deceased did not leave a will, distribution of the assets will be according to the directives provided in Oklahoma state law. Also, some states, including Oklahoma, have a special shorter procedure in place for administrating small estates without probate.

Typically, an individual is appointed to serve as personal representative of the estate to collect the assets and distribute them according to the will if there is one. The personal representative is entitled to receive some compensation for his or her services. He or she must file reports with the court and his or her actions are subject to a high level of scrutiny.

Probate attorney in Lawton, OK

When we represent you, you can expect to receive legal assistance in connection with the following matters:

  • Will and other estate contests — Sometimes a beneficiary under a will or someone who believed that he should have received a portion of the assets contests the will. Such a dispute has the potential to grow into a nightmare if not curtailed by the intervention of competent legal counsel with extensive experience in probate administration. The estate litigation lawyers at Meyers Law Firm, PLLC can assist you by carefully drafting a will in the first place so that many of these types of disputes can be avoided.
  • Identifying and tracing estate assets and locating beneficiaries — We are skilled and resourceful in identifying and tracking down estate assets to prevent their loss to the state.
  • Minimized tax payments — Having a skilled Oklahoma attorney represent you can result in minimizing tax liability for you and your heirs.
  • Effective and zealous advocacy in court hearings — We will represent you before judges to represent your interests and prevent distribution of your assets to persons for whom they were not intended.

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If you have any questions about probate administration, feel free to contact Meyers Law Firm, PLLC at 405-326-7140 or contact us online. Mr. Meyers is always available to answer your questions.

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